The God Project

I’ve ordered a long list of books, and all but seven of them are here already.  It’s the bold beginnings of a project I’m calling The God Project inspired by Tyler Shenk.  I’ll be reading books on this list, thinking about them, and then trying to wrestle some words to the page by way of response.  I look forward to the process.

Shopping for these titles was great fun.  If you were making a list of 20 books that you hoped would shape your world and lead you into a historically grounded perspective of faith, where would you start?  What do you want to learn?  Where would you like your thinking expanded and broadened?  Tyler’s list on his blog Faithful Doubts is all about spiritual formation, which is pretty exciting.  I looked up those words and Wikipedia tells me “Spiritual formation” is an intentional Christian practice much like that of Eastern Mysticism, which claims as its goal the development of religious maturity that leads to Christian devoutness which has it roots in the ancient practices found in those of Catholic religious orders, Ascetics and others.”  I like the sound of that.  My goal for this project is a truer, bolder, and more prophetic voice.

So here is a stack of books I’m interested in reading.  There are seven more that should arrive by the middle of December.  I’m not really sure which one to pick up first, truth be told.  I’ll keep you posted.

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