This Bundle of Life

“O God, who has bound us together in this bundle of life, give us grace to understand how our lives depend upon the courage, the industry, the honesty, and the integrity of our fellow humans; that we may be faithful in our responsibilities to them.” -Reinhold Niebuhr
I found this quote alongside a photograph of a hand made broom and the materials for making them. It’s from a book I’ve been enjoying: When True Simplicity is Gained: Finding Spiritual Clarity in a Complex World.  The authors are Martin Marty and Micah Marty.  This is one of the books I’m reading as part of The God Project.
I love the idea of the simple broom, and I keep one in my tiny house so that I don’t have to suffer the deafening noise of a vacuum in such a small space. I like the image of us being bound together in the way that this broom is bound, making us far more useful together than we could ever be separately. I often turn to the mental image of a broom to brush away my fears, worries, and insecurities.  Moved by the Holy Spirit, we sweep out the fears and lies to make way for Truth and Presence.  The simple broom and this simple prayer remind me to be a part of the movement of God.  Not by adding a lot of things to my to-do-list, but rather by keeping my responsibility to my fellow humans to be courageous, honest, and industrious.  

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