Remember Grace

This week I was contemplating the various characters of the Bible and thinking to myself that God picked some pretty rough characters for God-work.  Moses killed an Egyptian, yet God made him a deliverer and ruler.  David had his girlfriend’s husband killed yet he was a man after God’s own heart.  Peter denied Jesus three times yet God used him to preach the foundation sermon of Christianity.  And Paul held the coats while his buddies stoned Saint Stephen and yet God made him the apostle to the Gentiles.  God really chose some riff raff with these guys, were there no better choices?  Yet, God chose these people and used them for Kingdom purpose.  How is that even possible?

I’ve also been thinking about some things that I’ve asked God for forgiveness for… over and over in fact.  I just somehow wanted to *feel* forgiven.  But God just opened my eyes to this amazingly wonderful little detail.  Forgiveness has NOTHING to do with how I FEEL and EVERYTHING to do with who God IS.  The Character of God is astounding Grace, God can’t help himself.  That’s who God is.  That’s why he picks the “riff raff” …because God is in the business of giving people makeovers of the heart and spirit.

Over and over again as we look through the sacred text we see people in love with Jesus because of his astounding Grace and here I am waiting to *feel* something.  Yeah, I get it now.  I’ve been a little silly.  No worries.

Next time you meet a murderer, remind them that God’s grace is oceans wide.  When you look back over your own life, remember who God is.  Remember Grace.  It feels good to boldly accept what is extravagantly and freely given.  It feels good to acknowledge who God is for me.  And you.

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