The God Project

Tyler Shenk has gathered up a stack of books he plans to read and blog about over the course of the next year.  He’s calling it The God Project, and his blog is called Faithful Doubts.  I’m looking forward to reading the work he’s doing.  The best part is, his project inspired me to start a similar process.  Since I love books, and welcome the process of reading and reflecting to expand my heart and mind, I think this will be a valuable process.

Starting a Book List
I have looked over his book list and some of them look quite interesting.  He has divided his list into a few sub headings including “Tradition, Skepticism, Religious Experience, and Contemporary Theology”.  All of these topics sound interesting to me, and some of them might be quite helpful in my own writing, so I’m going to borrow a few of his titles for my own list.

I also explored this list of books which is a group of “top five books” from seven faculty who teach at various Mennonite Brethren and Mennonite Church post-secondary schools.  I’m exploring Anabaptist theology in particular because of it’s counter-cultural stance on a variety of topics, and because I have Mennonite heritage.  I’m also exploring more Anabaptist theology because my past exploration has impacted me on a level deeper than mere intellect.  So I look forward to reading some work that has an Anabaptist bent, and I was particularly purposeful in choosing female authors.  I’ve ordered a stack of books from this list and from Tyler’s list and I’m looking forward to seeing them on my doorstep soon.  I will add other titles to the list as I stumble across them, and I expect this project to be ongoing.  I plan to read something from the stack each week, and give it some thought, and blog about it here.

Goals for the Project
I like Shenk’s title “The God Project” and so I’ll borrow from him.  I have a number of goals for this project.  First, I believe reading broadens my perspective, deepens my thinking, and offers me the opportunity to become a better author (and person).  Secondly, many of my hopes and fears for myself and my country have surfaced during this election season (I’m writing this November 14, 2016 when Barak Obama is our President and Donald Trump is our President-elect here in the US).  These hopes and fears influence my personal narrative and theology.  I’m reaching back into Christian history in the hopes of gaining perspective outside of the polarization of American politics, religion, and marketing.  I hope this will make my voice truer, bolder, and more prophetic.  Finally, my nephew is a pretty cool guy and I’m totally doing this for status as his favorite aunt, and with the expectation that there will be some intriguing conversations in our future.

As always, I welcome you to follow along and comment as the Spirit leads. 

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